How To Sell Songs on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Every Major Streaming Platform

Technology is so powerful that it has revolutionised every affair of our daily life. Not only has it changed our work life, but it has also changed the entertainment industry. In the days of yore, the primary source of entertainment was the songs accessible in the form of CD’s and tapes. Today, the whole perspective to approach towards music has changed.

Today, apps like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes; TINDAL, etc. have supplanted CDs. They provide the access to millions of songs at just one place that we do not require carrying so many CDs at our place. With just one click, we can listen to any hit by any artist from across the world. Geographical boundaries seem to dilute under the potency of technology.

These apps have not only made it easy to access music, but they have also provided a platform for artists to rise and shine and make their mark in the world. For an independent artist, getting famous is like a pipe dream. But this dream can come true with the help of platforms like Spotify because these platforms have a huge audience on which, the artist can piggyback.

If you as an artist can artist successfully put your music on iTunes or other platforms, you can then expose your music to the world. This would have a compounding effect on your fame. Not only that, if your music is loved by the audience, it would receive streams and each time it is streamed or downloaded, you would earn revenue out of it.

How to sell your music online 

However, it is not an easy task to sell your music online. There are various modalities involved and all of these things are often confusing and stressful. More often than not, these apps would not take the songs. In such a case, the best solution is to approach a music distributor who can help you.

The music distributors offer digital music distribution services to their clients. This means that they act as a bridge between the music streaming platforms and the individual artists. Music artists can upload their music to these music distributors and the music distributors ensure that the music is spread across the leading music streaming apps.

One such leading music streaming app is MusicDigi. It allows the artists to upload their music in very easy steps. First, the artist is required to create a musicdigi account with a one-time yearly membership. Second, upload the music and the cover art in the required format. And done, the platform will ensure that your music is accessible in all major music streaming apps.

This is a very easy process to put your music on iTunes and other leading platforms. With the help of musicdigi, every time you generate revenue, it will be transferred into your musicdigi account which can be withdrawn later.


One of the ways to get success in the music industry is to get your music on TikTok, Google play, amazon, TINDAL and all other major platforms.