How to Build A Solid Inside Sales Team For Selling B2B Enterprise Software?

Just recruiting a sales team is not enough for selling your enterprise software successfully. Companies will need to nurture their sales team and for this, they will a structure, budget, tools, training programs, etc. The inside sales are a popular sales model for dealing with sales using email, phone, video calls, and other channels. Inside sales representative team works with, in a shared environment. Their role differs from the face-to-face sales rep.

Benefits of hiring inside sales team

  • Leverage tech opportunities and reduce the sales cycle.
  • Revenue predictability is great for a lead-focused approach.
  • More time for subsidiary tasks as they spend more time working in the office.
  • Better opportunities for cooperating and training.
  • Great scalability without inconvenience and expense of relocation.
  • Ability to adapt to changing buyers’ demographics.

Employers need to consider a course program for their sales team on how to sell B2B enterprise software. Learners can learn to handle challenging clients and identify sales obstacles. With such knowledge, they can stay motivated. With proper training inside sales team can sell more complicated software smartly even on a phone.

The long-term success of the sales team depends on nurturing their sales skills in handling complex deals. So, visit the Data Management Education website for gaining information about selling enterprise software training course.

Who to hire for the inside sales team?

The sales team size will depend on the structure of your business.

Few common roles are –

  • Sales manager – Look for coaching and leadership skills. Expert at research, prediction, and strategizing. Great communicational, listening, and organizational skills.
  • Sales rep – Sales rep are deal-closers and work in synch with the team, so look for an ambitious, optimistic, disciplines, and friendly candidate.
  • Sales development rep – SDRs are prospectors, who generate leads and make appointments that the sales rep focuses on in the sales cycle. Traits to consider are creativity, adaptability, healthy competitive characteristic, articulation skill, and coachability.

Building blocks for sales team success

Set genuine and achievable goals

Communication has to be clear, open, and transparent. It allows everyone to be in sync and move together towards enhancing their sales performance. Keep eyes on SDRs quantitative metrics because it promotes accountability as well as helps to set realistic goals. If goals are aggressive then it is time to tweak.

Build great onboard & training experience

New members of the sales team need positive onboarding experience, so concentrate on training them. A new SDR may need three months to ramp up to full productivity, so invest in new hires’ onboarding and training.

Consistent training

Always be in training, if you desire the sales team to make successful closing every time. Everyone associated has to be trained, coached, and in synch all the time. Inside sales team development is crucial not just for their career but even for their business.

Offer tools essential to succeed

Many sales tools are available that can help the team become more productive, find new leads, and monitor their activities.

Building an efficient inside sales team means you are strengthening the pillars of your business. Tight team support helps your business grow and exponentially profit!