Tips for improving Click-Through Rates (CTR) in 2021 On Your Google Ads

Importance of CTR in Google Ads

For your businesses to flourish and Google Ads campaigns to expand, your ads must get sufficient clicks from searchers. A huge source of revenue for Google is the Ads campaign, if your ads get little or no clicks, they will simply stop putting your ads on display. The ultimate goal of an Ads campaign is to achieve a maximum conversion rate. For conversions, you must have visitors.

That is why the Click-Through Rate is an essential factor in quantifying the success of your ad campaign. CTR is the proportion of people who actually clicked on your Ad out of the total viewers of your ads campaign. A huge contributing factor to the conversion is having good CTR. All the successful Ads campaigns have an impressive CTR.

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How to improve the CTR?

1- Cut down on irrelevant impressions – the keyword match type impacts the number of phrases that the ad campaign will appear for. The click-through rate will significantly increase if you truncate the total number of impressions on which your ad appears. You are simply required to remove those phrases, which are not relevant to the ad.

A broad match ad campaign aligns you with keywords that are not relevant to your business model. The correct strategy is to limit the phrases to exact matches of your targeted keywords.

2- Use the Negative keywords- using negative ads is the most effective way of excluding irrelevant keywords from your campaign. You can simply put in those keywords and phrases, which you want to block. this would have the effect of totally restricting the blocked keywords from displaying your ad.

An effective strategy to improve CTR is to add your competitor’s name to the negative keywords list. Even though it will decrease your impressions, it highly amplifies the relevance of your Ads, thus increasing the CTR.

3- Target the right location- if your ad is visible to the people who are outside your market, it is an exercise of futility. While setting up an ad campaign, the default setting of location is based on presence or interest. This opens the possibility of drawing irrelevant traffic to your landing page.

It is preferable to select the ‘presence’ option while setting the location. It will limit the ad to only those people who are currently present on your business radar, or regular visitors to the locations.

4- Evaluate the keywords- relevant keyword is the single most important factor while entering into the arena of Google Ads. You must regularly analyse the keyword that you use. Do away with those keywords, which are generating impressions but little or no conversions.

5- Create multiple Ads- You must never keep all your eggs in one basket. Having a single ad campaign can be detrimental in a long run. Optimally, you must have 3-4 ad campaigns for each ad group. You must also regularly analyze the impact factor of these ads. Whichever is performing below par, that ad must be modified or replaced.

6- Use multiple Ad groups- it is a popularly held misconception that the success of your ads is directly proportional to the amount of triggering words. This leads to creators dumping all the triggering words into a single ad. This is called stuffing, which is comfy to perform but doesn’t bring the results. Instead, you must group ads by similar phrases.

7- Use ad extensions- Your ad must display significant details like the location of your business, any current offer, contact details, etc. These details make you stand out of the crowd and encourages the users to drop a visit to your ad. Google says that it is 10-15% more impactful for the ad campaign if you are using four or more site links.

Google is regular in launching updates in extensions. Keeping a close eye on the latest updates and adopting them before your competition does give you an extra edge over them.


Creating a credible and effective Google Ad campaign takes patience and lots of analysis. However, the process itself is worthwhile, a high CTR generates goof revenue conversion for your business.