Buying CBD From a Certified Supplier Vs Buying CBD From a Non-Certified Producer

CBD, an acronym for cannabidiol, has received the status of a magic drug. It is widely in use because of its benefits. It has been proven effective in reducing stress, anxiety,⁰ inflammation, PTSD, etc. All of this and no side effects on health. Sounds great right. CBD is actually a hemp product and it belongs to the same species as marijuana.

Since the benefits of CBD have come to the knowledge of the masses, there is a sudden increase in the number of producers who started producing CBD. To keep their prices competitive, they produce substandard and low-quality CBD. You must always be wary of such producers as consuming anything other than the best CBD can be harmful to you.

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How To Find a Certified CBD Producer? 

The best way to reduce your efforts of finding the list of certified CBD producers is to check the list of the USA’s hemp authority programme. The hemp authority is the certification body that was established to lay down the guidelines and benchmark for the CBD producers and retailers.

The basic purpose of the body is twofold:

1- To educate the farmers and processors of hemp regarding the permitted and good practices of manufacturing which are established by the FDA.

2- To tell the customers and consumers as to which CBD product can be trusted.

While selecting the best CBD supplier, you must check their website. It must reflect that their products are in compliance with the guidelines laid down by the FDA. The best and safest way is to choose a company that is transparent in its approach. A good producer never sells on false promises like that their product “treats” some illness.

Besides that, if the company gets their products lab tested in a third-party independent lab, that is also a good sign.

Why Do You Need to Buy from A Certified Producer?

Low-quality CBD can be deleterious to your health. Only the best producers of CBD ensure that the hemp does not absorb the harmful chemical compounds, which are present in the soil. Only certified producers take care of the relevant factors like the % of THC in the CBD product. Consuming CBD with more than the permitted .3% CBD is illegal.

It can also be harmful to your health. In other words, to ensure that you are well being is sustained, you must purchase CBD only from certified producers.


The benefits of CBD are numerous, however, it must be purchased and consumed with caution and care. You can never be over cautious while buying CBD, always do a thorough background check of the producer before purchasing CBD from him.