Modern Crystal Chandeliers Enhancing the Looks We Love

Chandeliers are not new. They have been enjoying the central position in the ceilings for centuries and they are here to stay. These timeless pieces of art have been evolving with time and utility. Initially a sign of opulence in French society, chandeliers dominate the ceilings of the houses and places such as museums and art galleries.

Today, chandeliers have adopted elements of technology. They are no longer hung with candles. Chandeliers today have LED lights, which add to their crystal appearance. If there is one brand in the USA which is killing it with modern chandelier ideasit is Sofary. They have been making modern and innovative chandeliers since the day of their inception.

Evolution Of Modern Crystal Chandeliers Into Different Types 

The Naissance of crystal lighting can be traced back to the 16th century in Milan, Italy. The gem cutters over there used clear quartz rocks to make beautiful ornamental beads and pendants for candelabras. Quarts have an excellent prism effect which is because of the lead oxide present in them. Even today, the crystals that we love contain different proportions of lead oxide.

The making of LED lights changed the scenario. The Versailles-styled chandeliers were evolved. By bringing the crystal as a part of modern décor, chandeliers have become the indispensable part of ceilings. They reflect the same grandeur as they did in the olden times.

The ability of crystal to adopt various shapes of the desire along with taking different textures make it the most suitable choice for interior designing. The often-overlooked place is suited for beautiful chandeliers in the bathroom. With a prime environment and opulent look, the crystal chandeliers are the best choice to enhance the aesthetics of a bathroom.

There is no gainsaying to the fact that crystals exude grace. Today, modern designs of crystals adopt unique styles and increase the utilities. One of the more popular designs is to incorporate the leaded crystals with repurposed steel pipes. This offers versatility by mixing masculine and feminine features of décor.

The balance of minimal shape and beautifully cut crystals can be the perfect element of leaving an impression on the minds of viewers. One of the prominent examples is the ring-shaped chandeliers which can be suspended in the living rooms and dining rooms. These simple designs bring a very charming look to the place where they are suspended.


Today, chandeliers are the best example of mixing up the rustic and modern taste when it comes to design in interiors. Many of the extant designs are still reminiscent of the old classic appeal with multifaceted cuts which reflect the past. There are also some modern designs that incorporate different patterns and style.

One of the prominent patterns is the floral pattern. They are ideal for the bedrooms by adding a very subtle and a touch of charm to the walls. Today, chandeliers are more evolved than ever and they are an indomitable piece of art when it comes to the aesthetics of interior designing.