4 steps to know how melt wax work

Wax melts are a relatively new addition to the home fragrance world. Continue reading to learn how to use wax melting and what they are.


Wax melts are flameless alternatives for candles. These wax melts are usually packaged in bars similar to chocolate bars. They can be cut into cubes to release their fragrance.


What are the main differences between using candles and scent wax melts, you ask? The main difference between candles and wax melts is how they look and how they are used. Candles are easy to light and can be blown out after about two to four hours. Wax melts, on the other side, must be gently melted with a wax Melter  warmer (also known as a candle burner). There are two types of these: electric and tea light.

Wax melter have the main advantage of being safer to use. The tea light will go out after just four hours if there is no naked flame in an electric burner.


They’re not as easy to use as a candle but once you get the hang of wax melting, they’re very simple.

Step 1 – Select your wax melt

There are much wax melts available in a variety of wax types. For a luxurious and eco-friendly finish, most wax melts contain paraffin wax or soy wax. We use only rapeseed wax.

Step 2 – Place your wax melt in the burner

You will typically need 1-2 tarts or cubes of wax depending on how large your wax melts are. We recommend that you use only one cube for wax melts.

Simply place the wax melt in the dish of the wax burner.

Step 3: Turn on your melter

An electric warmer should have a button or switch to turn it on. To use a tea light warmer, light the tea light and place it in the hole beneath the dish. Our eco-friendly range of tea lights is on the horizon!

The wax will melt slowly and release an amazing aroma once it’s lit up. Each cube of wax melts lasts approximately 8 hours.

We mentioned that your tea light should be out by 4 hours. If it doesn’t, you might need to replace it. Some electric warmers have built-in timers. If yours doesn’t, you can purchase a timer plug to make sure it turns off.

You can let your wax melt cool for an hour, or you can let it harden before re-burning.

Step 4 – Remove wax from your burner

You may be wondering “Why doesn’t it smell anymore” after you have burned your wax melt. You may have nose-blindness or worse, you need to change your wax melting.

How do you empty a wax burner? First, ensure that the burner is cool to the touch.

There are several ways to empty your burner. Some people prefer to burn the wax until it becomes liquid. Once it is dissolved, they soak it in cotton balls before disposing of it.

Others will wait for the wax to melt slightly before turning on the burner. Once it has, they’ll scoop it out and put it in the trashcan.

You can also use a re-usable popper liner. For a cleaner approach, place a liner on a burner dish. Once your melt is in, you can simply pop the hardened wax out.

After you have removed the wax, wipe down the burner with a damp cloth or a paper towel. Cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals can be dangerous and may cause the burner to emit harmful gases.